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faratavan, servomotor, series, brush, esm60, esm85, esm120, esm190, HPB

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HPB AC Servomotor
ESM series brush-less servomotor

faratavan, servomotor, series, brush, esm60, esm85, esm120, esm190, HPB
Model:ESM60 , ESM85 , ESM120 , ESM190
Description:ESM series brush-less servomotor
Class:AC Servomotor
AC Servomotor
Specifications: The capacity range of ESM brush-less servomotor is available from 0.64Nm to 100Nm and is competent with good advantages including of:

A. Compact size
B. Cost effective.
C. Low inertia
D. Fast response
E. High protection level available for IP54, IP55,
F. Both encoder and resolver feedback are
available for option.

FU 252
Signal Converter Frequency to Analogue (Voltage, Current) and to Serial RS232
High performance frequency-to-analogue and frequency-to-serial converter with outstanding features and multiple conversion modes.
The unit can convert all frequencies, but also the sum, the difference, the product or the ratio of two frequencies to analogue and to serial format.
Wide input range from 1 Hz to 1 MHz for full scale output
Input accepts quadrature encoder signals with TTL/RS422 format or with HTL level (A,B) as well as single channel signals from sensors with PNP or NPN or Namur output
Analogue outputs +/- 10 V (polarity represents direction of rotation) and 0/4 – 20 mA, resolution 14 bits
Serial RS232 and RS485 interface for read-out of the actual input frequency
Conversion time only 1 msec., therefore also suitable as a tacho replacement
Accuracy 0.1%
Easy to set up by simple TEACH procedure, or by PC (operator software included)
Adjustable floating average filter to smooth output swings with unsteady input frequencies
Free programmable linearization curves
Power supply 18-30 VDC, aux. voltage output 5V for encoder supply
For 115/230 VAC supply see accessories


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